Coach Development Course

Date of event: Sunday August 27, 2017 9:00AM


The New 2017 Development Course has rolled out over the last few months in NSW and we have had great feedback from participants that have now completed the course.


The comments coming back from participants are particularly encouraging as they have had time to take in the Theory on line at home, then spend the Face to Face Practical side of the course focussing on the delivery of running a Coaching Session , you have the chance to get the techniques right so you can practice on your own team.


It is so important for contemporary  Coaches to focus on the methods we know work.


  • Good Questioning of players
  • Good explanations and demonstrations
  • Good preparation before a session
  • Keep things simple


It is really important to give yourself a little bit of time to do the on line theory so you can really make the most of your practical experience.


Development on line is $50

Rules of Netball Free on line

Once Completed you can book into your face to face course $60


You register through your MyNetball Account


We would love to run a Development Face to Face Course on the 27 August at Illawarra, and we only need 8 coaches, the Workshop are only for 8 to 12 Coaches so our Coach Developer can work with you in small groups.



A Happy Coach is a Confident Coach !


Last updated: Wednesday August 9, 2017 12:13PM
Author: Virginia Wise