Active Kids Programs Update

Illawarra District Netball Association, Wed Jan 31, 2018 10:47AM

The Active Kids Program Implementation begins 31st January 2018. 

Click Here  to view instructions on how to obtain and redeem the $100 voucher for school age children.


IDNA has been advised that the Active Kids Program Provider List on Service NSW website has NOT been fully completed as at 1:00pm 31st January. Currently no Netball Clubs are showing. All IDNA Clubs, except TIGS are confirmed as registered providers. Obtaining of vouchers or use of vouchers to register a player will not be affected by this delay.


The Active Kids Program provides an incentive to children enrolled in school (K – 12) to get involved in sport by providing an annual $100 voucher (limit of one per child per year only), which can only be used when joining an approved activity. An approved activity can only be offered by an approved provider.  Further information on the Program can be found at


Vouchers provided are valid for redemption during the current calendar year activity program (Year 1 will commence from 31 January and expire on 31 December 2018). Vouchers shall expire at the end of the calendar year.

2019 vouchers and beyond will commence from 1 January each year and expire on 31 December.

No availability exists for retrospective redemption of vouchers. This means a child cannot register before 31st January 2018 if you wish to use the voucher.

Vouchers are available for redemption once only for the nominated registered season or term of activity.


Interact Sport have advised Netball NSW on a key business rule which will affect the validation on all vouchers. When a participant applies the voucher at the time of registration, the system will not be able to validate the voucher if the participants’ date of birth in their MyNetball profile does not match up with their date of birth in Service NSW voucher application. 
Netball NSW suggests that all Associations and Clubs encourage their members to log into their participant profiles and ensure all personal details are up to date (standard annual process). 


Last updated: Wednesday January 31, 2018 1:35PM
Author: Virginia Wise