2018 Metro League Teams

Congratulations to all players on your selection in the IDNA Metro Players.




Abby Wallace

Annabel Bretag

Emily Osborne 

Jessica McGrath

Mikaela Allen

Paige Guthrie

Sarah Bowen

Siobhan O'Brien

Sophie Robertson

Wilma Cawai




Amelia Sara

Cartia Taranto

Casie Hoddle

Codee Holman

Georgia Sturman

Hannah Roberts

Kristen Chadrawy

Lara Chiodo

Laura Ducie

Olivia Smith

Vanessa Sturman




Amber-Bree D'Amato

Annalise Chadrawy 

Cassandra Kerr

Ellie Cashman

Georgia Ross

Jade Frankham

Lillie Staff

Tayla Brailey

Tayla Ward

Rebekah Tunstall


Please Note: The third team is subject to that team being accepted into the competition by Netball NSW  and the team may be required to play qualifying matches in order to secure a position. It is not guaranteed.