Indoor Competition Information


Indoor competitions at Illawarra Netball are played as 7-a-side on regular sized courts without nets. Competitions held at Illawarra Sports Stadium, Berkeley are as follows:

  • Summer and Winter Women's on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening,
  • Summer and Winter Mixed on a Tuesday evening, and
  • Spring After School Juniors

Illawarra Netball is looking to expand our competitions in the future, so if there is an alternative time or day you would like to play, please contact us and let us know.



  • For Senior competitions registration is $50.00 per team, and weekly court fees are also $60.00 per team.
  • For Juniors registration will be determined at time of competition.
  • Please be fair on your team-mates, other teams and Illawarra Netball and ensure you are able to cover you teams' fees each week - IOU's are not acceptable. Often a kitty, where you put in a few extra dollars each week, works well for the weeks' where you may be short a player or you need to pay a forfeit fee.



JUNIOR COMPETITIONS      - Details will be available end of July 2018


Team Nominations:

Nomination is by team only. Link to Nomination Forms

However if you are looking to join a team or are a team looking for more players, you can register your interest and we will endeavour to match teams and individuals.  Click Here



Player Registration / Insurance

All players must be registered with Illawarra District Netball Association for the purpose of insurance cover. Indoor ONLY registration is available from 1st February 2019. Outdoor registration covers players for Indoor and Outdoor Competitions. Registration is annual and not related to how many competitions in which a player participates. Costs vary, so contact your Club or if Indoor Only IDNA Direct for specific registration fee.


Draws, Results and Ladders

Draws, results and ladders are now all available on our website and are updated each week, making the team coordinator's job much easier! Go to RESULTSVAULT   Matches', 'Fixtures & Results' -  find your night and grade and click GO!



FORFEIT CONTACT DETAILS - Phone 02 4272 4342 or email

  • NOTIFIED FORFEITS - these are when notice is given prior to 12pm ON THE DAY OF YOUR GAME, and carries at penalty of your weekly court fees, which must be paid the week following for forfeit, along with that weeks' fee. For example, if you play at Berkeley on a Tuesday night and notify Illawarra Netball before 12pm that day, then it is a $60.00 penalty to be paid the following week, along with that night's court fees (so $120.00).
  • UNNOTIFIED FORFEITS - these are when notification of your forfeit to the Illawarra Netball office occurs between 12pm on the day of your game, and your games' start time, and carries a penalty of your weekly court fee PLUS $10, which must be paid the week following for forfeit, along with that weeks' fee. For example, if you play at Berkeley on a Wednesday night and notify the Illawarra Netball office at 2pm on the day of your game (or you just don't turn up for your game!), then it is a $70.00 penalty to be paid the following week, along with that night's court fees (so $130.00).
  • While forfeiting may not seem like much to you, it does affect the competitions' draw, meaning that umpires and court supervisors' may waste time that could be spent elsewhere, and other teams' miss out on playing timeslots that may better suit them. In all circumstances, Illawarra Netball will try to re-allocate games to other timeslots in consultation with the appropriate teams. 



Umpires are allocated by the Court Supervisors' on the evening of the competition. Almost all of our umpires are C-Badged umpires under Netball Australia's umpiring pathways. Illawarra Netball is always looking for keen umpires to join our competitions, so if you think you are up for the challenge, please get in contact with us. 



As with all sports insurance schemes, these never provide full coverage and private health insurance is recommended. For more information, visit



We are always looking to improve our competitions and their administration, so if you have any feedback, complaints or ideas, please contact the IDNA Sports Office Administrator, Virginia Wise.

Phone: 02 4272 4342